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ramawa1 year ago
When you go in the raw it says that the last update was 2019/12/14, does that mean it's not over yet?
Wntr961 year ago
Apparently she added a couple of more chapters.
Wolfy1 year ago
ooooof this is almost the end already...? this is was an interesting one, liked it a lot
Wntr961 year ago
A lot of people, me as well, did too. I wish the writer would have continued with this, but you can't have everything.
Seigin1 year ago
Kinda sad this will end cuz of it being dropped. :(
Wntr961 year ago
Yep it is. I like the series myself. I talked to the author and she said she's just too busy IRL to even think of writing anymore. She did say that if it ever changes she'll start writing it again.
kirindas1 year ago
Thanks for the new chapter!
Wntr961 year ago
Quite Welcome
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