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thuannghia123 months ago
Should I care more about the dead human blacksmith that somehow know about Sera's true story, or Medimu's katana that's also made of Lola's claw?
Solo3 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, thuannghia12! Ah, good point. I wonder if that's Souya's original broken katana or the one he received from Otou-san. As for the blacksmith, I'm assuming for now that Mitera had a hand in that. Read more
thuannghia123 months ago
Gunmerry did mentioned something about Souya's sword's soul has left and can't be repaired, so I'm siding with Medimu's. Souya's is the one that got fed dragon dream vampire blood tho.
Solo3 months ago
Yeah, I'm leaning Medimu's too
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