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citizen271 year ago
Wot! The setting, the family is high spec af! Thats quite a bit of income with those two jobs, and the kiddie is a smart boi too prior to ts. A high spec highschool girl is born...
Wntr961 year ago
That it is and that she will be.
AkatsukiChan1 year ago
I was brought here by a phoenix. And so far i like it. :3
Wntr961 year ago
Welcome and I hope you continue to enjoy it.
Last FĂȘnix2 years ago
(O3O)/ - I'm here, Shirogon!!! (-.-) - I never thought I would stumble upon another one of your masterpieces. (OwO) - And this one looks promising too. Read more
Wntr961 year ago
If you were on my discord you would have know it. I've been writing this one for a while now.
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