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Kowtoww9 months ago
I get the author used the minister as a foil for the mother to unload on, but you still need to give the reader a reason why the minister came over. The scene's implication is he came over to proclaim a biblical verse as he understands it, which makes zero sense. The minister has even less reason to believe Andie is a lesbian than the father since he's fairly far removed from the situation. And how does this minister even know to connect the dots back to himself if he only learned of Andie being attacked by the father (not the reason as to why) from hearing the news? A better reason to give for his appearance would be that he came to offer an apology, but the author didn't take that route here.
Wntr968 months ago
I took no route on any of it and left it to the reader to decide why he would show up.
Last Fênix1 year ago
(O3O)/ - That's one badass mom, HOLY F**K!!! (-.-) - I'll lend you my baseball bat, Mariam. (OwO) - Yeah, that priest needs a good beating. Read more
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