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Yorekani1 year ago
A certain fênix is also responsible for me finding this novel. That said, I feel like the protagonist may be a bit too snappy with the males approaching her. David (cinema): He deserved it. His behavior is a definite no-go in customer service. No objections. Read more Chris (neighbor): I would've preferred if he was at least heard out when he tried to apologize, but I understand that the protagonist had neither the time nor the nerve to spend on him this early after changing. Man-at-the-restaurant: He was bold, but he did ask if he could sit down and also asked for the pen and paper. If the protagonist signaled to want to be left alone, I'm either too dense, or this wasn't conveyed in the story. Restaurant man didn't know the age of the protagonist and didn't pursue the matter after finding out. I think a firm rejection would be a suitable response, as he hasn't exhibited any forceful behavior like Chris who grabbed the protagonist's arm previously. Threatening to call the police seems disproportionate. Show less
citizen271 year ago
What a diligent student, although given how 'standardized' school is, I get the absolutely worrying feeling of being left behind for a whole damn week. It's a lot to catch up on.
Wntr961 year ago
She attends a private school, so the 'standardized' doesn't really come into play.
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