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Khang4 months ago
Thanks for explain
Le Salt5 months ago
Oh man, this chapter. This fucking chapter. It’s so much. It’s SO MUCH. I see you spotted the flame general’s tools, but did you notice that merely two names before them is Dingle, the King of Monstrosities? Then there’s Lazarissa hissing in fright at the sight of the miracle spear, bane of dragons. Author hinting at something here, mayhaps? Nothing easier to kill that a creature lacking reason, lol. Maybe that’s why you’re such a suicidal dumbass, then? Read more Read more Of course, just after he avoids dying for the first time, then he has to go and be a real badass, right? Gotta swordfight the massive dragon, your suicidal internal monologue going the whole time, gearing yourself up for Ai-uchi... Aaaaaand gets BTFO’d by Rana with the fucking CHAIR! Oh my Lord! Bahgawd as my witness, that dragon is broken in half! Turns out supercharging a God’s distant descendant with a mouthful of that God’s own blood has...interesting side effects, lol. And to top it all off, that dragon really IS gentlemanly, lol. Show less
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Le Salt! Haha, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has a ton of comments because of this chapter haha. It's great, isn't it?
DavyDrones7 months ago
Thank you for the chapter
Solo7 months ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, DavyDrones! ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ
Thousandsuns7 months ago
That was pretty intense wasn't it! i always wondered what had happened to that tentacle from the fish dude, i assumed the author had just forgot about it, so wow that was a shock.. Thanks for the chapter Solo
Solo7 months ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, thousandsuns! Well~, that was the necklace that Geto gave him when they first met. The tentacle is still sitting there somewhere. Good job remembering it though. Because the author had been purposely not bringing it up, I'll put it that way.
Stimmy7 months ago
Thanks! "Now time for us to Die" Lol
Solo7 months ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, FoxReader6924! It's kinda cool, I think. Though very suicidal. His bad habits are popping up again. XD
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