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Ch. 114: Dragon Hunters IV
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Nightmarekiller3 weeks ago
So this is the WB, out of curiosity, did you ever read the LN ? I am under the impression that usually when an author switch from WN to LN there is a good chance that the WN will be stopped or it will have a different ending or other details. And also the LN is supposedly better.
Solo3 weeks ago
Typically, LNs are better as they have gone through the professional editing process and whatnot. Actually, it's rare for authors to stop the WN when the LN comes out. As for changing the details/ending, it's usually due to them wanting to change stuff after seeing how readers react, or if they have just come up with something else or if the editor asks them to change stuff. And in this case, yes the LN is a bit different. The Libera arc is different in the LN.
Nightmarekiller3 weeks ago
Sorry but I am confused about 1 thing. Is this the LN or WN you are translating ? The WN has 443 chapters and the LN has 3 volumes according to the novelupdates. Also I read a comment from here that someone wanted to know the ending. Everybody knows spoilers are not good but you seem to know the ending ? And no , I don't want to know the ending just a yes or no.
Solo3 weeks ago
This is the WN. =) And it's still continuing, so I can't technically say that I know the ending. I have read everything that's out so far several times though. If you want to discuss details, come to my discord. I'll pm you there as I don't want to put spoilers here
Nightmarekiller3 weeks ago
I have read light and web novels for I don't know.....20 years ? Either finished(very rare), either abandoned or they are still getting translated with a pace of a slug. And I honestly don't remember when It was the last time I was having so much fun reading a novel like this one. And among the Isekai types this one is WAY unique in story and how the races living to this world are(no "superior" races that dominate the others or they are way too famous or infamous.).Also the author tries his best to have a stable balance of everything without overdoing it. Comedy,suspense,excitement, surprise, anticipation... This is without a doubt the best one I have ever read. Honestly I grown tired of super cheat MC's with a gift from gods, or a skill that becomes way too powerful, or annoying "harem" types that the girls instantly are all over the MC and in a matter of a few chapters nonetheless(or in the moment they appear to the world and save a girl in distress etc), I grown tired of the sentences such as "I am not a Japanese if I don't........" and so on. Well I said a lot LOL. Looking forward to the next chapter !!! Read more
Solo3 weeks ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, Nightmarekiller! Yeah, I whole-heartedly agree. I re-read novels I like a lot, but this one is the one I've re-read the most times(and still finding small hints I missed). It sucks that it starts so slow and many give up before this novel shines, but man, this one is so well-written. And it only gets better as it goes on, as all the set-ups start to pay off! Read more And yeah, it's definitely different from all the cookie-cutter isekais. And you mentioned a good balance? Remember that for the next volume... That said, I'm just really happy to hear someone say they love this story, cuz I do too! Show less
DavyDrones3 weeks ago
Pervy dragon lol. Thanks for the chapter
Solo3 weeks ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, DavyDrones! Haha, it's definitely not what you'd expect right after that battle, right? XD
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