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Ch. 150: A Respite From Adventuring XII
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Momozyt1 week ago
Thanks for the chapter, I really am always watching and watching every day and I suffer when it takes xdd The truth I would like to believe that she is the daughter of otou-san since she is the only one who is alone and the truth made me sad that her love has died leaving him back and alone
Solo1 week ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, Momozyt! Sorry for the recent chapters being slower, my life has kinda been wrecked by sicknesses and the manga artist for Talker working really hard and releasing a lot of chapters recently lol. Once things get a bit back to normal, the releases will hopefully pick up again. Ooh, that's an interesting take. Though do remember that Otou-san has the proprietress of the brothel now, who's a bit like a wife to him. Read more
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