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jinhanama782 months ago
Hey, so is souya having a harem or what? This keeps going back and from and making me confused like hell. Whatever the case is, just specify it already. I think this is the biggest cliffhanger in the series so far. Furthermore, when talking about Rana, she's the one who imposed herself on souya, no? And she even went as far as to offer that he could have a harem then what's eating souya really? He really sounds like a hypocrite, tbh.
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, jinhanama78! Well, it depends on how you define a harem. If you mean doing the deed, he's already done it with 3 girls now. As for in future...well, no spoilers here. Besides, I've said it god knows how many times now, but the reason why he's like is a hint to his true personality. Which coincidentally is a major focus of this chapter. Read more
Leozack2 months ago
Well if u ask me its the 2nd time he cheats on Rana, the first one was with Tyutyu, and I feel that she is gonna have the first son... Dunno why..
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Leozack! Yeah, Lanseal is the 2nd, but they're both kinda approved by Rana tho lol.
FoxReader105512 months ago
Debra has hots for Lanseal? If it's wrapping up, time for Souya to confess to Rana but I bet that Old Elf is going to be the one telling them about it,though he'll probably get sucked by the siblings again.
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, FoxReader10551! Hmm, the impression I got is that he thinks of Lanseal as a daughter as he's the "parent who raised her". Confess to Rana? About what? Read more
FoxReader105512 months ago
I had the initial thought that it's close to fatherly love too at first, cause having another beastkin close to their family growing could've at least not let Lanseal feel left out since Verxina is gone and all. Didn't expect my second guess is way off the target As for what to confess to Rana......he's sorry that she didn't get preggers first
Solo2 months ago
Well, it certainly isn't for lack of trying, I'd bet
DavyDrones3 months ago
Xaxaxa that Otou-San getting angry at the end. Nice touch. Thanks for the chapter
Solo3 months ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, DavyDrones! Haha, yeah, finally, someone who's angry at him for cheating
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