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dadamori2 months ago
The mistress got ahead of the legal wife, you need to get Rana pregnant in a hurry Souya
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, dadamori! (^ ^)
FoxReader105512 months ago
When was the last time Rana and Souya had their time together chapter, it's really concerning what's going on in her head. Lola and Rauaryuna huh,seems like Regure wants to at least give light to the names that are being abhord that's nice Thanks for translating this arc Solo Read more :Thumbs up: Show less
FoxReader105512 months ago
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, FoxReader10551! Despite everything, Regure is a nice person. =) Well, they have more bonding chapters ahead~ Read more
FoxReader105512 months ago
Oooohhh nice nice nice
DavyDrones3 months ago
I really enjoy slow pacing chapters like this one. Thanks for translating
Solo3 months ago
Thanks for unlocking, reading and commenting, DavyDrones! (^ ^)
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