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Silver Ink1 week ago
Thanks for the chapter! If an Ex Rank warrior can move mountains... Then an Ex rank Talker can convince the mountain to move itself. Read more
Solo1 week ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Silver Ink! Lol, that would certainly be interesting to see!
originalbot2 weeks ago
I knew noel was somewhat evil but 2 do that 2 leon n kouga........ Now i know he is 4sure EVIL!!!! lol
Solo2 weeks ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, originalbot! I absolutely agree lol.
ilyr the puppeter2 weeks ago
thanks for the chapter and good job. Yes, i realy i'm excited, in this chapter we have Mary and we have the plot >w< , i don't think Sieg will join Noel, i think they will be frienemys aka rivals that will fight each other but when neede will help each other. Now it would be a good vegeance if Leon sell Noel to alma beacuse of this antic with Mary :P
Solo2 weeks ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as always, Ilyr! It's always good to see Mary again, isn't it lol. It's been a while. While it would be funny, Leon is far too nice for that lol Read more
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