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Rakoon10 hours ago
This chapter was amazing, I always like the interactions between Noel and Sieg. Well good luck to Alma road to EX rank in 5 months.
Solo5 hours ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Rakoon! Yeah, Sieg really became interesting for me in this arc. I'm definitely looking forward to more!
ilyr the puppeter1 day ago
thanks for the chapter and good job. Well a preparatory chapter, so not much to say. u have sucefully baited me in your discord :) Next chapter will be bloody and this chap have maybe a litle foreshadowing from Sieg talking about Lorelei. Will we have a vision of the future plans of Noel to become Regalia or will it be only the liberty of hugo? And what will Noel do that he need Alma to disguise as himself? and in the end he is the little brother :P
Solo1 day ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as always, Ilyr! Sorry about making you have to go to the Discord, I can't post pics here, and Discord is convenient. As usual, you're super good at predicting, but I won't say what u got right just yet. (^ ^) Read more
Solo1 day ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, aezir4401! (╹◡╹)♡
aezir44011 day ago
thanks for the chapter!
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