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Syavoir2 months ago
King of Flies? Beelzebub?
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Syavoir! That was my first thought too, but that isn't clarified.
SVL2 months ago
Who said the last sentence of this chapter? Is that the new character or Finocchio? Anyway thanks for the chapter
NotNow2 months ago
Please spare me of this tsundere... I know Noel's the MC and he's got some plot armor or something, but didn't he make way to many enemies with this move (freeing Hugo)? At least, if I was a king or emperor, I wouldn't see to kindly a guy who spreads unrest among the population or glad against a state institution. No matter wether he's right or wrong. And, any chance to see Lloyd and Tania again? I would really like to see how they've ended (thought I hope not too badly since even though they've betrayed Noel, I can't think of them as evil). Read more
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, NotNow! Don't forget that he got the backing of a roomful of influential people and nobles for the Hugo thing so it won't be easy for people to deal with him on the "surface"
Izmil5 months ago
thansk for the chapter
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as usual, Izmil! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
ilyr the puppeter5 months ago
thanks for the chapter and good job. I realy love this okama guy and always go hype with the interation with Noel, it' so full of life. So much better batle of wits than the ball with the Lorelay. And poor Leon, will need a new stomach.
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as always, Ilyr! Finnochio is one of my favorite characters, he doesn't show up much but it's always interesting when he does. I really hope his character design is as flamboyant as my image in my mind! And if you thought that the party was the climax of the arc...... note the introduction of a brand new villain!
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