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Haezer6 days ago
I thought author won't bring up anything about Lloyd or Tania ever again. And then bam, author said "Here's a side story that includes Tania's bad attitude towards Leisha. Hope you like it" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGGHH
Solo5 days ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Haezer! Good authors know that developing side characters is a good way to make the world they're building richer and deeper. This author is good at stuff like that too. =)
fufuri11 months ago
Oh I typed this comment b4 I finished the chap but ig I was right cus Tania really has the audacity to say and do those things (⇀‸↼‶)
fufuri11 months ago
Hmm Tania.. She's a bit weird.. Why does she feel the need to apologize in Noel's stead? I rly don't like that cus shes over stepping her bounds.. I would only do that for ppl I'm real close to like siblings or close friends. But that still doesn't sit right w me cus first the person in question should be the one apologizing and it gives off the feeling that she thinks she owns him or something.. Tho, I might just be getting worked up on a minor detail.. Thanks for the chap~
Solo11 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, fufuri! Haha, yeah, she is totally going for that
Corna11 months ago
I couldn't help but snicker when she thought about Ophelia and Noel being friends, considering what went down. You might be thinking "well why didn't she tell her Noel solved the case of their friend's murder already? Plenty of time between then and when Ophelia appeared for Leisha to tell her" and the short answer is the author clearly hadn't thought up this side story when making Ophelia. Probably didn't even have an idea on the first meeting between Lightning Bite and Noel at that point either. Not all authors can plan shit that far ahead.
Solo11 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, FoxReader9487! That's probably true. And technically, this side story is no longer canon too
FoxReader89911 year ago
Oh damn😥 I take back what I had said about Tania a few chapter ago, well Tania is a good person if we don't count her dark side but ofc I think he only had it because she love Noel and don't anyone to get near him(yandere). Still I don't think she deserves to be sold as a slave well he deserve it after her betrayal
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, FoxReader8991! Well... there's more to the story when it comes to Tania. You'll see if you read on....
Minxho11 months ago
Huhh??? she got a bf tho. it isnt love
Vullord6661 year ago
Huh, I actually forgive Priscilla. Her reasoning and true feelings were understandable. That said, I do hate Tania now and am happy she got sold as a slave. When Leisha mentioned early that she got jealous when girls were around Noel I thought it was to the extent of making a scary face (which would have been kinda cute), but this is too far, forget having your cake and eating it too. She took her cake, locked it up in a glass cage, and was eating a separate cake she got. Either pursue your unrequited love or try and forget them with another person; you don't get to date someone else AND prevent anyone else from getting near your crush. Also, so apparently this a few (about 3) months before the present, so it would have been fairly recent to Blue Beyond's breakup when they discovered Tania and the lesder to be embezzleming party funds. I wonder how much of Noel's future she was gambling away while preaching from her high horse that Leisha shouldn't obstruct his path? If she wanted to support him she should have argued for him to be leader or stopped (or reported) the embezzleming. I originally would have liked if things turned out different and Tania was the only member to stay with Noel to join Tempest (a dedicated healer could be useful considering their current healer is also the tank and can't heal after his ultimate attack (which is also their highest damage move) and if Tania had some attack moves and trained to keep up she could be a goo rearguard to balance the composition), but if her personality is that bad then she would have only been harmful.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Vullord666! And amazingly, there's still more to find out about Tania in future.
Oram1 year ago
i wanna dropkick Tania. Kazuma-sensei pls guide me!!!!!
Oram1 year ago
ah frick here we go again
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Oram! Haha, do it! insert Shia meme here
ajikoko1 year ago
Hahaha, Tania is a shitty character all along. Not just because she snapped after being sold as slave. And probably Noel also knows about her dark side, so he never been too friendly to her. Unlike with Walter...haaah, I miss Walter Read more
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, ajikoko! Me too ='(
SVL1 year ago
Nice ending to the short story. But Tania, i really really wanted to punch her. Cause she already found a lover(i think at this time she was dating Lloyd) but still has the nerves to interfere with Noel's life. Before, i still has some kind of sympathy towards her but with this I'm done with her. Anyway thanks for the chapter. Read more
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, SVL! Yeah, it was a surprise to me that this SS showed the true nature of Tania outright
NotNow1 year ago
Since the author added some more hate for Tania, I think it's time for her to make an apparition! Just hope it won't be as an experiment of the King of Flies.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, NotNow! (^ ^) no comment
M D. Kazai2 years ago
Thanks for chapter. :) I'm a big sucker for subplot romance, so it's nice to see her feeling even with no real romance in the story. Well, i certainly wouldn't complain if there would be a tad bit of romance somewhere later down the line.
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, M D. Kazai! Me too. XD
Jecker2 years ago
Thanks for the chapter. And it's nice to see some unique development towards a character that's attracted to the MC. In other novels, most of the time, after Leisha's chocolate box was dropped and she decided to eat it alone, the MC will come/encounter her and still eat the chocolate to show some kindness which didn't happen. And I majorly like the fact that Leisha's attraction? towards Noel doesn't stem majorly from the kindness he shown to her but from the admiration. And man that Ln cover is sick. Noel looks like a full blown detective with the gun, but Alma and Leisha's looks are different than I imagined
Jecker2 years ago
Also it states that the chocolates stated salty to Leisha. Is the author implying that she was crying. If so, what could be the reason?
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Jecker! Oh, is this the first time you've seen their designs? You should drop by the discord, the designs for Blue Beyond, Grandpa Stollen, Kouga, Finocchio, Albert are out already. Leisha also looks super different from what I had imagined... that heart shaped chest protector lol.... As for the salty chocolates, it's purposely left vague. I feel that scenes like this are great when you don't directly write out what happens. But I do believe she dropped some tears, hence the don't cry comment in my thoughts. (^ ^) Read more It'll never happen, but Leisha x Noel. XD This novel definitely stays away from such romance cliches. Show less
Solo2 years ago
As for why she might have cried, well, suppose you buy a present for someone you kinda like, then that person's good friend smacks it to the ground and tell you to not go near him, you'll feel sad, won't you?
DetceJED2 years ago
I thought I was tripping when it took me like 5 minutes to find this title among the list of titles and thought there was an error but it turned out that the cover was updated. XD My wish of having a little bit of romantic will never be realised eh? But the fact that our Noel is a lady killer remains the same so I guess I'll settle with that. Many thanks for the chapter, Solo. :)) Won't be that long till I become a patron.
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, DetceJED! The other cover stood out because it was totally different haha. But official cover is out finally so I updated it! Thanks for the support! Read more
Izmil2 years ago
Thanks for the chapter lol i new that would became a flag
Solo2 years ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as usual, Izmil! Haha, yup, but frankly, I'm not holding out much hope that it'll get developed in the main story...
Solo2 years ago
BTW, LN cover has been released. Manga release date has also been announced. Both can be seen on the ToC page.
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