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manya1 month ago
That last line, I'm all in on the NoeLei ship. I love how healthy her fascination of Noel is compared to other girls so far, from curious to admire to indebted. And Noel holds her in high regards as well, and he also mentioned he has romantic interests, just not for now. What if, what if!
manya1 month ago
(not interest in Leisha in particular, but what if, WHAT IF)
manya1 month ago
The fact that Noel knew he had romantic interest gives a possible hint that he was interested in someone, and he said it before Alma's recruitment. Leisha has been the only girl he held in high regards till that point. Oh no I cant stop xD
Solo1 month ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, manya! Hehe, a comrade! Yeah, reading a little between the lines, Noel is as interested in girls as any youth his age, but he's deliberately shelving it in favor of his dream...if only there was someone who could change him... Read more But on the other hand, that would be a huge change in his characterization, so I doubt it will happen... Show less
Sherodan4 months ago
Haha, i got it right! Well at least who and how, but I didnt get the skill books and money. Thanks a lot again, that was kinda fun Read more
Solo4 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Sherodan! Glad you enjoyed it!
fufuri6 months ago
I was a bit doubtful that Noel would help—not because of his personality— but from the fact that Ophelia in the future had a bad opinion of Noel.. Cuz wouldn't she feel favor towards the person who helped solve Irene's case.. Ig Leisha didn't disclose Noel's involvement .. And that was prolly for the better cuz I don't think Noel would want that to be known either Thanks for the chap~
Solo6 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, fufuri! Yeah. but how things would have been different if Leisha had just said something, huh?
Houhou No Mizu8 months ago
Ok, this comment had nothing to do with the story but I need to get this out my chest. I know the author said the story was based in medieval European universe, but there's nothing medieval about it. Be it coutumes which are quite liberal, technology which looks closer to the industrial revolution era and clothing. All of the above is justified by a leap in technology and magic due to the processing of beast material but this actually reinforces the fact that this is not a medieval society anymore. This i will now consider the story to take place in a world which is a mix of magic and steampunk or magicpunk for short. This is my opinion and you are free to agree or disagree with it. Truth is I would love to hear what you think of it.
Solo8 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Houhou No Mizu! No, I do agree. In fact, the manga artist does as well, because they changed the setting to be much more "magicpunk" if you've noticed. This is just my guess, but author prob means that he imagined a medieval Europe that went through a "Magic Tools revolution" instead of the industrial revolution.
Minxho6 months ago
Well for me in their world, they can't advance their technologies because of their circumstances there were voids so endless wars happens preventing them from improving their technologies, so in that era instead of researching raw materials they just focused on the magical beasts they kill, researching it and making use of its abilities. They are somehow advance by the use of Magical beasts it was mentioned there.
Vullord6661 year ago
I don't blame Irene. Taxes suck. Plus Noel said tax evasion and underworld, but there are tons of legal ways to avoid and evade taxes in the U.S. I imagine she was just making use of the numerous loopholes (even if the police knew this information I don't think they could imprison her based on it unless they made some serious reforms first; criminals just don't pay their taxes, but the wealthy know to legally avoid them). Really I'm just praising Irene here. Her plan for retirement was so genius. If they use a paper currency then inflation is a serious issue when saving up money (especially if there is a government controlled central bank). Skillbooks apparently don't depreciate in value and only get more valuable as they are always relevant. And honestly what do any us have to look forward to besides a wealthy retirement when we don't have to worry about money? Its just too bad her plans got ruined because of someone else's greed. It isn't like she wasn't doing dishonest work (at most she was committing tax fraud (and taxes are pure evil anyway), but that's highly dependent on how the tax law actually works here); Simone easily could have just replicated Irene's genius to save up herself. I hate it when stuff like this happens. Makes me confront that the world just isn't fair.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Vullord666! "the world just isn't fair" <- so true Yeah, she wasn't a bad person, just evading taxes(which was a crime) and investing(which wasn't) Read more
Oram1 year ago
i really like noel x leisha ship
Oram1 year ago
and i was right to bet on simone, idk she just felt suspicious.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Oram! Yeah, you were spot on! =)
ovadefone1 year ago
That was quite the interesting case. Would've never guess what actually happened haha. On a sidenote, this chapter also made me reflect on what kind of person Noel is. He still feels like an enigma. Early on, I felt like Noel was a good guy but had absolutely no mercy for bad people, but along the way I sometimes felt like he was genuinely a straight up villain. Really makes me wonder what his grandpa thinks about his journey so far lol.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, ovadefone! Yeah, that's one of the themes of this novel. How the boy with softness in his heart changes as he aims for his goals and what he's willing to sacrifice. You'll see more and more of this in Part 3. As for his Grandpa... it's probably mixed, as it's Grandpa himself who had taught him all these methods. If you hadn't noticed, his Grandpa's nickname, Over Death(Immortal Demon) has Demon in it too. He was also a person who was called "Demon" like Noel was, so he was clearly much like Noel is now Read more
Owloid1 year ago
I had an inkling it was carbon dioxide since I’ve read about people dying peacefully from it, but I would never have though of all the details. Pretty cool!
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Owloid! Yeah, I hadn't expected it to be so detailed tbh, since the author doesn't do this genre usually.
Ouroboros1 year ago
Well I'm off the mark like a person who tried to shoot a bow but had the bow reversed and still continued to shoot out his arrow without doubting anything and in the end is only making a fool of himself. Welp that was fun though.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Ouroboros! Don't be too hard on yourself. It's really hard after all.
50Cabbage1 year ago
Ah-ha! I was right to almost every exact point! I knew all those times reading Sherlock and Lupin and playing Ace Attorney paid off haha. Who knew Irene was actually doing something illegal? (Well, I did, but that was entirely speculation at that point)
50Cabbage1 year ago
Now I'm gonna be stoked when this eventually reaches the inked page, I would know the answer, but seeing it directly and visualizing it in my mind are two different things! Ooh, I wish they'd keep the quality of the manga, even if the frequency isn't so good in response
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, 50Cabbage! Yeah, you almost got it perfectly, only very very minor stuff was off. That was amazing! And I think they're doing just that for the manga, latest chapter was delayed a week haha. Read more
SVL1 year ago
I'm entirely wrong, and even though that the poor landlady was the one who did it simply because she didn't look suspicious. Man, for money, people are willing to do anything and it also happening in real life too. It's so sad. It's quite an elaborate plan to kill someone and this is my 1st time hearing about this heat recovery system. Read more Poor Ophelia i wonder how is she going to react to the deeds that Irene did. Also is this the start relationship between noel and leisha? Anyway thanks for the chapter. Show less
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, SVL! It's super hard, isn't it? All the answers to your questions are next! Read more
NotNow1 year ago
Since that's what Noel said, that's how it happened. He is right and I am wrong.😂
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, NotNow! XD
ShadeLights1 year ago
So I was right to think about the fire extinguisher and a warm room, but mostly wrong. My confusion however is why Lestrade acted like that when questioned? And for it to turn out that Irene has a twisted personality and tricks people? I'm honestly not surprised on that, but didn't want to jump to conclusions, as other characters such as Kaim are genuinely good people. Well played Author, and Thanks for the chapter
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, ShadeLights! I think Lestrade was eyeing the insurance money even though he didn't kill her, that's why he acted weird.
Izmil1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as usual, Izmil! (╹◡╹)
Jecker1 year ago
Wow looks like I forgot to post another comment in the last chapter after rereading but I was only able to figure out that Irene was hiding something valuable considering she got very angry at Simone for the water leak. However I completely overlooked the warm apartment lol. Anyways thanks for the chapter.
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Jecker! Frankly, the warm room is super difficult unless you have some knowledge on ventilation systems so it stumped me too haha.
DetceJED1 year ago
Many Thanks, Solo for this Chapter. I was right for not giving in and writing a deduction in the previous chapter for mine was insanely off the mark. *Sighs in Relief* Last but not the least, I'm starting to hope for a bit of romantic development in this novel and yeah I'll hop aboard the SS Leisha x Noel ❤️ so count me in please Solo. I mean, I do hope that comes into fruition in the future because I think it'll be good for the overall plot and it'll be more enjoyable for the readers, just a personal opinion of mine. I can't thank you enough for bringing this masterpiece :)) P.S. How I wish that I was as cool and could handle women like Noel. XD
DetceJED1 year ago
-DetceJED. I couldn't change my name even after I've authenticated my account, I wonder why. ?
Solo1 year ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, DetcejED! It's a surprisingly complicated case, isn't it? I had totally expected it to be fairly straightforward because it's not a genre this author typically writes, but I was blown away by how intricate it was. Well... There's still one more half to the side story. But yeah, this novel is almost devoid of romance. Read more As for the name change, tap/click on your name after logging in and go to your profile, you should be able to change your name there. Show less
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