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FoxReader71881 week ago
almost like "Among Us"
Solo6 days ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, FoxReader7188! lol. Priscilla sus.
50Cabbage2 months ago
Ok so I'm like a week late since I found this through the manga from a separate site, but I'll pitch in and say it's Simone. I immediately thought it was her when there were a lot of arrows trying to point at almost everyone else, but what got me were 6 pieces of information. This'll be a long comment and I'm probably overanalyzing, but here goes, in order of when I found them suspicious: 1st: the apartment. They mentioned earlier on that the apartment was remodeled from a mansion, and if real life has anything to say they probably did the barest work possible, which leads to... 2nd: the ventilation. I've been researching castles and mansions since Italy was giving out castles for free (you just had to maintain them), and wondered how the ventilation systems worked. Since it's a single abode, most mansions and other housings use a single ventilation system, which makes it easy to send things downward due to the presence of... Read more Read more 3rd: the heating. If the walls themselves were still cold, that means the heat most likely travelled through the vents. But shouldn't the ventilation system, you know, vent it *out* of the apartment and not in? Many ventilation systems utilize an insulated air duct, which allows the heat to be kept inside while fuming air outside. This leaves us with a problem: how did the poison get in? Well that's related to... 4th: the leak. The water leak was odd, since even if the upper floor floods it shouldn't leak so easily to the lower floors (mansions are cool that way). This means there's a thinner gap between floors which solidifies info #2. But then that leaves an interesting question doesn't it? What's the mystery poison that managed to enter the ventilation system (from an upper floor remember) that Irene could've died from? It's simple, it's... 5th: the fire extinguisher. Assuming it's anything like an older fire extinguisher, which uses a gas heavier than oxygen (which means it could go down the vents), it's most likely a CO2 fire extinguisher. I find it hard to see another way to locked room murder mystery Irene at this point, so I can safely assume Simone used the fire extinguisher to murder her silently (since if you're studying the culinary arts when there's no induction stoves, a fire extinguisher is great in case of problems, so it's an easy alibi). Now, the question is, why? What's the motive? This leads me to... 6th: the money. Simone did it for the money. Huh? Irene has nothing? Oh, yeah, which means that we have to think outside the box. Thank you Solo for the reminder that this world is different from ours, because there's magic. And if anything previous chapters have told me, it's that equipment is really expensive. Why would Irene routinely rotate books despite giving away most of her material wealth? Even an avid book reader would tell you that it's best to have certain arrangements of books no matter the setting, so if they're arranged differently, then either there's a secret to the books or the secret *is* the books. Now, I remember Noel mentioning Skill Books being hella expensive, which makes me think Irene is a collector or broker of some sort (smuggler perhaps, which explains why she's rich?). So, in conclusion from my years of playing Clue and watching Sherlock and reading Sherlock/Lupin and playing Ace Attorney, I can safely assume that Simone decided to murder Irene for the books. Show less
50Cabbage2 months ago
Anyway, I just commented so I remember where I stopped since I'll take a break from reading (I'm burning through my physicals right now, no time for digital reading haha)
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, 50Cabbage! Wow! What an analysis! Read more I can't say anything because I don't want to spoil anything for others, but wow, you're gonna love reading the next chapter! And good luck for your physicals!? (I have no idea what physicals are, are they health tests? If so, I hope everything is A-OK) Show less
50Cabbage2 months ago
Haha, no, the physicals are the physical copies of books I still have laying around (and oh boy I guess I'll have to at least read the next chapter then)
Solo2 months ago
Lol, ok that worried me for a sec haha. I haven't read my physicals for a while... I've switched to kindle a few years back. Less space and cleaning required lol Read more
SVL2 months ago
My brain!!!!, It hurts. I can't , I'm not good at this type of game. But if i have to pick, it's landlady, purely because i found her not suspicious. That's all. Anyway thanks for the chapter.
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, SVL! Thanks for trying!
NotNow2 months ago
My bet is on the landlady, since they excluded her so easily based on appearances even though it would have been a piece of cake for her to murder Irene. In fact, it's rather strange no one suspects her.
Solo2 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, NotNow! Thanks for giving it a try!
ShadeLights3 months ago
Thanks for a chapter, especially one where we, the readers get to play a part I'm not very good at this, but since I made some notes, might as well put them to use. So, there's no signs of a struggle from her death at all, nor did it seem that anyone had tried to poison her as Ophelia was so adamant about. My guess on the cause of death was at first she had fallen to a sleeping pill(or at least something that would make you sleepy) along with a certain someone tampering with the heating in the room. The room was warm, right? Yet there's no insulation for the room, how can this be? Remember that fire extinguisher? Perhaps a fire had started before she got home, and it ended up heating the room below, Simone then tries to put it out, the landlady however(perhaps it's time to check on Simone's apartment) and says she'll deal with it. Maybe some tampering was going on here, and this is only the second part of their plan. Their you ask? the culprit(s) is Evan and Lestrade. Lestrades underling had her subordinate pick her up, so maybe a sleeping pill in disguise of a beverage or food was offered? However as I said, most likely a pill that made her sleepy, and took effect rather quickly(I doubt that the workplace and apartment are very far from each other), so as soon as she got home, she went on her bed to sleep. TL:DR: Lestrade who's in on it for the money puts Irene to sleep, and Evan holding a grudge towards her due to her deceased husband finishes her off. Read more I'm most likely wrong about how Evan played her part, but I'm sure of it being a fire as the author did emphasize carbon monoxide. Show less
ShadeLights3 months ago
Sorry for the long comment, didn't realise it
Solo3 months ago
No worries and thanks for reading, commenting and giving the mystery a try! (^ ^)
M D. Kazai4 months ago
I don't know about the murderer or the motive. But i would tip Priscilla. Honestly just because i found her bodyguards to weak, seemed a little suspicious to me. My main focus is speculating on the death cause. And i would think she suffocated. If you block the vault the air exchange stops. It could also explain why it was do warm, if the warm air couldn't go out it would accumulate in the room. But just a guess based on the unusally warm room and the fact that she seemed to have died while sleeping. Read more And thanks for the chapter.:) Show less
Solo4 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, M D. Kazai! Ooo, thanks for putting out your deduction! I believe you should enjoy reading the reveal, because you're definitely right in focusing your effort in the unusually warm room! Read more
Izmil5 months ago
Thanks for the chapter
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as usual, Izmil! ( ◠‿◠ )
Jecker5 months ago
Honestly I am really bad at deducing stuff. So much so that a child might have better deduction power than me. Still I might reread this chapter to do some deduction. Anyways thanks for the chapter Solo.
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Jecker! Do give it a try! I won't say that you have to post it, but it's more fun to read the answer after you've tried puzzling it out first! I myself guessed(using process of elimination) who the killer was correctly but I got the method and motive wrong!
DetceJED5 months ago
*if not the most
DetceJED5 months ago
I screwed up on my comments. Didn't know that there's no editing once the comment(s) has/have been posted. ?
DetceJED5 months ago
Solo, you really are the most considerate, if not considerate translators out there. Thanks for not splitting the chapter for it would have been harder to get a grasp of the possible scenarios. I'll refrain from making a deduction because I'll only embarrass myself if it turns out to be far-fetched from the actual thing XD. I'll just have to wait and see. ^.^ -DetceJED
Solo5 months ago
Thanks for the kind words as well as reading and commenting, DetceJD! Haha yup comments are uneditable. I can delete them though so next time you can just type the "correct" one and ask me to delete the other. Ehh, don't be shy and it's not like you have to solve everything, just shouting out your guess and reason is pretty fun too. But I won't press you to haha. Read more
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