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Izmil2 days ago
Thanks for the chapter
Solo2 days ago
Thanks for reading and commenting as usual, Izmil! ( ◠‿◠ )
Jecker3 days ago
Honestly I am really bad at deducing stuff. So much so that a child might have better deduction power than me. Still I might reread this chapter to do some deduction. Anyways thanks for the chapter Solo.
Solo2 days ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Jecker! Do give it a try! I won't say that you have to post it, but it's more fun to read the answer after you've tried puzzling it out first! I myself guessed(using process of elimination) who the killer was correctly but I got the method and motive wrong!
FoxReader50803 days ago
*if not the most
FoxReader50803 days ago
I screwed up on my comments. Didn't know that there's no editing once the comment(s) has/have been posted. 😣
FoxReader50803 days ago
Solo, you really are the most considerate, if not considerate translators out there. Thanks for not splitting the chapter for it would have been harder to get a grasp of the possible scenarios. I'll refrain from making a deduction because I'll only embarrass myself if it turns out to be far-fetched from the actual thing XD. I'll just have to wait and see. ^.^ -DetceJED
Solo3 days ago
Thanks for the kind words as well as reading and commenting, DetceJD! Haha yup comments are uneditable. I can delete them though so next time you can just type the "correct" one and ask me to delete the other. Ehh, don't be shy and it's not like you have to solve everything, just shouting out your guess and reason is pretty fun too. But I won't press you to haha. Read more
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