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stumblmer2 years ago
I like the TL followup comments about the arranged marriage topic and perspectives of commoners and peasants. But, i still feel alot hinges on the marriage partner/s involved being decent people for a possibility to become a genuinely wholesome marriage .... If the husband is a raging misogynist, then that's gonna be ugly no matter what the woman does/tries in most cases. Or if the wife is an unreasonably psychotic shrew with a decent man, that's also going to be a chaotic marriage where sincerity, fairness or justice may become lacking, let alone affection, care and attention. The potential for bad marriage is equitably present regardless of income class, but the complexity and sophistication of the marital challenges/obstacles/burdens would probably be more likely in higher class than low. But, a scheming and clever mind can occur in anyone, even without extensive education or influence/guidance as human potential can be unpredictable
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