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Liza7 months ago
Finally found a decent novel translation ...... I love this novel very much thank you for posting this ....... I hope That this novel will continue till the end of the story.
crescent9 months ago
wah.. Thank you for picking it up! I really love this novel yknow🤧🤧🤧🤧
TWIP9 months ago
Ooh, nice to hear! Glad it makes you happy! ^^
iRead4Fun9 months ago
I know a lot of the chapters of this novel are long, but how often will you be updating?
TWIP9 months ago
2 a week for now as I'm working on this alone at the moment. However, more staff will be joining to help, so it will likely increase in the future. :)
Meerah04189 months ago
Thank you again for the chapters! Looking forward to more updates! More power to the team!
TWIP9 months ago
Thank you~ ^^ Time to power uppp!!!
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