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HarleyQuinn1 year ago
Aah finerly she shows some action after MIA for a while
Kailee151 year ago
TY so much! I read the latest chapters but feel a bit loss so I guess that means a lot of binge rereading again 😍 Im so happy this was picked up! Looking forward to read more of PCFO 😍
TWIP1 year ago
Haha, have fun! Yes, more will be coming soon~ :)
Zena1 year ago
Thank you so much for picking this up!!!!
TWIP1 year ago
Glad to have another returning reader! ^^
iRead4Fun1 year ago
I have long forgotten some of the characters. 😭😭😭 Will you be setting up a character list also?
TWIP1 year ago
Actually, I haven't read the novel... and the previous translator didn't set up a glossary. I'll be making one as I go along, but I won't have the character details I assume you'll want! Maybe I should put out a request... see if there are any hardcore fans who can help with this. XD
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