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Ezura5 months ago
I’m annoyed at this weak simp of an mc. He’s the most racist in denial out of them all. He’s going soft because they’re Beastmen? You mean like the ones who’ve already proven by deadly betrayal, to not all being of the same mind as him? It was a Wolfman who almost killed him with an arrow ffs just as it was a wolfman who saved him. He has no problem shredding fellow humans because he knows that humans can easily be foes as much as friends but for some reason he’s unable to see past the fur. Where’s the character development? Grow the hell up! Not all furry things are friendly, just like on earth, bears will rip you apart despite looking so cuddly! If they’re wielding weapons and charging en masse to destroy your home it’s simple to understand they’re ENEMIES! Read more
FoxReader22012 years ago
Ah psychological war... The worst of the worsts...
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