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FoxReader22011 year ago
The beatman Imperial Japanese rum must be pissed Fujiwara to the point he stopped being craven and begin to use his cheat codes...
mitz1 year ago
that's what im talking about haha. but how the hell he knows how to drive a tank?
FoxReader28851 year ago
he trained select few beastmens at the earlier chapters and told them to train others when they are mastering that weapons
S4ty41 year ago
Good gawd, it's like watching someone playing Civilization in full cheat mode ???
Raphalice1 year ago
Actually, he Is playing Civilization, no cheats even~ He had his 1st city captured as well which should be game over, but other than that, trading and stuff for money, he was playing civ XD
CountryMage1 year ago
No cheats, but also @Raphalice, losing your capital doesn't always end your side, if you lose your city, or abandon it, with enough population it makes colonists. You just need to get them somewhere safe, to build a new capital, and hope you can fortify it, before they find you again.
Faenum1 year ago
Where are the rest? Lol
Faenum1 year ago
Lol this game is so imba
Freezgig1456781 year ago
Lol u got a Canon I got a Canon.... Guns and landmines ...meh I'll send the demi humans ... Wth tank why a tank gtg
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