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Iris Long9 months ago
So that's pretty much confirms that Xiu is the last god which makes it even more likely that if not even a direct confirmation that SYX is nr. 1 Looking forward to seeing how this plays out on the future.
Abrar Reza10 months ago
That's weird. What about Shen Yanxiao? She's a foreign soul, inside another's body.
SilverPheonix8 months ago
She actually might be the original person of this world but has the memories of her past life. So she might not be a different person at all.
Swuahi3 months ago
Hmm well I always thought (similar to another book I read) that she is the same person. Not a foreign soul. For example, in the other book, the main chatacter reincarnated into another body. The new body was known to be brainless, clueless, a trash. But that was only because it was her body without a complete soul. When she reincarnated she found herself in a weak body and gained all the memories of its past. Very similar to SYX aswell. I just always assumed that. The theif and trash are the same person. It's just that she was a trash without her soul. And when the thief died she reincarnated into the trash body. Like the one above I also think that this is her original self. Read more
Guji-Guji2 months ago
I think the story that Swuahi is referring to is the Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith
PichiPichi11 months ago
Yes yes and yes! He's the last god.
Hope58361 year ago
So he's really the last god?
Samnayel1 year ago
Was Xiu's body the body of the last God who the warlocks used to make experimental body no. 1?
SoftFeather1 year ago
Maybe Yun Qi knows where it is
M0m0f51 year ago
I'm pretty sure it was. Probably their experiments was the reason why he absorbs dark elements
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