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Rafaeus2 weeks ago
All this for a baby? Ok who did this to her?
Deku_093 months ago
She HAD to be no. 1 that has been experimented by those warlocks! Or not, but it'll still be devastation, beautiful theory this is.
Swuahi3 months ago
AYOO?? TOO MANY THEORIES ARE COMING INTO PLAY HERE. which one is correct!! Author you're torturing me..!!
heherosie5 months ago
oh my gosh what if she’s No.1???????????? i’m so confused and excited and nervous and dgskdvdkdvdjdh LIKE WHATTTT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHO TF IS SHE😭
PichiPichi11 months ago
If I'm guessing this right... SYX is a half human, partly elf and a partly god. I think her mother is an abomination hahahaha
Abrar Reza10 months ago
We know her mother was part elf, but what about her Dad? He was the youngest, but also the most talented. Maybe he was part God?🤔 Or maybe, its similar to JWX.🤩
Sailon9 months ago
Mostlikely she is the number 1 remember after her parents die she being kidnaped for 6 months then bring back by siyu an is know that he has stongconection woth god domain, because was mention when he et the phoenix.
Amaris11 months ago
I love this ML. He needs to be ML. I'll drown any other option in spit.
Nebula11 months ago
lmao me too not gonna lie.
SilverPheonix8 months ago
Me too. He only cares for her and only he can make her blush🥰
Foxyfet11 months ago
Hope583611 months ago
Is she a GOD? OH MY!!
Nebula11 months ago
FoxReader59421 year ago
Damn this is how I feel buying an iPhone knowing that I have to keep paying more money for next unlock or accessories.
kyaa_muffin1 year ago
What the fuuuuck! 1044 chapters to unlock 7 seals & now 7 more seals have appeared in their place! I'm all about characters leveling up, but I'm ready for her to be 100% unlocked alreadyyyy ?
Samnayel1 year ago
I still think shen yanxiao is experimental body no.1 which had the bloodline of all 8 races including God's. Perhaps there's a seal for every race inside her
leafy1 year ago
omg..that can be trueeeeeee
Pheonajane1 year ago
But can a baby withstand that harsh feeling of being experiment? She's just months old that time. Its weird...
wolfy1 year ago
First a devil seal and now a god seal. The first one unlocked the elf blood, will this one unlock yet another bloodline?
chillai1 year ago
She's probably a descendant of God's Race and Devil Race
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