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Evee_the_reader4 weeks ago
This..... well i still bet on xiu being the last god pah Read more
QveenBee2 months ago
SOOOOOO......Who's the ML
heherosie5 months ago
what is Xiu is the devil but when they experimented on SYX and put the god race into her it fused with SYX which is why he has gold eyes and whatnot. he could also be the child between the devil and god race like her mentioned
nessiesmith20128 months ago
Ok... Hear me out... He spit his godhood into 7 or 8 pieces [sound like something from harry potter right?] What if xiu is a piece of the soul and as he is getting stronger healing his godhood so he can merge back with his body siyu they are one in the same so both are the ML just incomplete at the moment.
XxxVxxX6 months ago
Nope Xiu is not a part of his godhood for Xiu is a soul separated from his body.
Swuahi3 months ago
But we know now that xiu body was enclosed in black ice and used for the warlocks experiment. Siyu saved her from the experiment. Xiu has his own body- he can't be a piece of godhood. Maybe tho.. but doubt it
Iris Long9 months ago
So SYX being nr1 is thus confirmed, however, it turns out that Xiu is not the last god, so my guess is that he's half good half devil. He did mention that there was a case of the two races having a child. I suppose the warlocks found his body instead of the last god, song the last god is SS.
Dragon10 months ago
I was think to the warlocks probably found the god and devil baby= xiu
PichiPichi11 months ago
If Xiu is not the ML, Siyu is my candidate to be the next leading man!!!
Wolftome10 months ago
No incest
Hope583611 months ago
Oh.. So Xiu isn't the last God.. And SS is the last God and he cares for her.. Read more That explains his creepy domeneering atitude.. But again..why he cares for her so much? Lets see.. Show less
YueXie7 months ago
It is called care/concern Are you a only child? Sometimes this is how older brothers care for sisters If you don't like it please keep it to yourself Read more
Minichan7 months ago
I wonder about that too because technically before he was adopted by Shen Feng, his blood connection with her is not clear
Fluffy5 months ago
U think too much.. as a last god, seeing inhuman experiment conducted to a human baby may move him.. that’s the power of plot
Swuahi3 months ago
Siyu sounds like a typical second male lead who is overpowered, mysterious and isolated. But then dies at the end mysteriously or disappears like a calm wind. You know what I mean??? Never mind.. I'm confusing even myself at this point.
VitoriaHyral11 months ago
Eu não sei se conseguiria controlar a raiva de ter esse selo no corpo
Bibble1 year ago
This just bursted my brain
FoxReader51661 year ago
It okay siyu I will make baby with you and you become the mommy of the 1000 of our child
Wolftome11 months ago
Swuahi3 months ago
God's can't bear children remember!! Also bro... can you even take it? ×_×
kyaa_muffin1 year ago
If Xiu isn't the god, who tf is he!?
FoxReader51661 year ago
As he said The devil or child between god and devil
bokuthoe1 year ago
This made me giggle ngl
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