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XxxVxxX6 months ago
I wanted to comment something but it will only be a spoiler so sigh, all I can say is It's gonna be a roller coaster of emotions. Ahh my precious Siyu
Hope583611 months ago
What does he mean by the "original Shen YanXiao"? So he knows that she is a soul that transmigirated? If he was indifirent to all humans, why was she a special case?
Sailon9 months ago
Original he mean has how she was in the beginning you know when she had mental problem
Fluffy5 months ago
Because she is the only one who called him big brother siyu with earnest eyes
Starfate1 year ago
U lot realize that shen yan Xiao isn't really a transmigrator but a reincarnation the reason for this is if she really transmigrated then You would have died therefore she is the original owner of that body
VitoriaHyral11 months ago
O mais provável é que a alma da Shen Yanxiao morreu naquele acidente da besta mágica que santo sábio queria pra despertar o passaro vermilion e a Xiao'er que reencarnou assimilou a alma da Shen Yanxiao assim ela não perdeu o contrato com Xiu
Askun1 year ago
tell me... this is story about transmigration... so there's clearly a different world that involved here. Bet Xiu is one being tha exceed the existence "GOD" or should i call him Great God. He probably rule several other dimensions. or maybe he was king of the god. and he falling into deep slumber was the trigger of the war between god and devil. or maybe he was king of the devil.. well i have so many speculation. Read more
paqo88331 year ago
they mentioned in some chapter about some love affair between one from the god race and the devil race.. I'm guessing he is their child. so he is mixed race, why he says he can be either a god or a devil
Rinneshi1 year ago
Maybe they are acquaintances?from the same God race.?and Xiu is the great god but his consciousness disappeared before Shen siyu use his godhood?
Vishnusri1 year ago
I think ,xiu said in one of the chapters that he is not born from the love between a god and a devil
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