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Pixy5 months ago
FYI, in the 1960’s-70’s “basket” was a not uncommon term for balls. It might be better compared to “package” since it more generally referred to the male genitals and scrotum, but still... (don’t ask why I know this!)
I'm the mighty Meh Meh!!!6 months ago
Baahahahahhaha oh....I can't...hahahahahahahaha
XxxVxxX7 months ago
The five animals are so adorable hahaha. SY completely flipped 🙃
YueXie9 months ago
Turns out Chinese has more sense than English wiylth this saying. Basket is more appropriate than balls
Rin—1 year ago
Damn it. Can you get serious for once! ???
Elle1 year ago
Hahahahhaa I really love them! No boring days with them
M0m0f51 year ago
OMG. Trying to read this late at night without laughing out loud and waking up my husband ???
elvie0615911 year ago
Hahahahaha enough for funny moments of those animals?????? my tummy is really aching from loughing..
elvie0615911 year ago
Laughing rather lol??
MoniqGin1 year ago
oh yikes1 year ago
omfg i can't-??
Cire1 year ago
Oh god, my stomach hurts from these guys hahahaha!!
Erxi1 year ago
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