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Вэй Ян1 month ago
Эх если бы я знала английский....
YueXie9 months ago
English language needs a informal you and a formal one and a rude you. Needs formal and informal language.
Pixy4 months ago
That would negate a big part of the reason I moved to an English speaking country! I really hate parsing through the layers of status, gender, age, social class, etc. etc. just to have a conversation. Honestly, it’s a major reason why I don’t like to go home. Sounds stupid, but man oh man. I learned English so I don’t have to do that.
Evee_the_reader2 months ago
yee sometimes I get scared talking to the principal if the question I asked containing you might have sounded informal
Abrar Reza11 months ago
Just like JWX, she has zero sense of monetary value!🤣
YueXie9 months ago
True but she still has a better money sense than JWX
kyaa_muffin1 year ago
I'm only worried that she'll have to come up with a really good excuse for how she got all these gems >.< Moonshine tribe already has a reputation for colluding with humans ?
klok75511 months ago
Ahem ... A little birdy gave them to me ....
paqo88331 year ago
I have a feeling she just killed the gemstone market..they won't be worth a dime after this... lol
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