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kyaa_muffin2 months ago
Handsome undead? In this world, even a decayed corpse can be attractive
Sayy31 month ago
He was born as an undead not resurrected (in other words not a corpse) ... that was clearly stated
MadmanButterfly1 month ago
I just figured he'd probably be more akin to vampires in terms of undead aesthetics
Crissy9 months ago
Thank you!
SpinelesS5 months ago
não há de quê
Momiji11 months ago
Welp.. Hope everything will still go smoothly for our SYX. This general sal sounds like a big trouble.
Shiho11 months ago
Shishishishi it was time for them to receive a reprimand
HuiLin11 months ago
Thanks for the chapter
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