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peerless_banana1 month ago
I wonder if Taotie can swallow the golden dragon too🤔
Crissy9 months ago
Am curious why Xiu never corresponce with the dragon nor the merfolk. Thank you!
SpinelesS5 months ago
I think it's his way of helping the MC to eventually lead all the races in the battle against the Devil.
Momiji11 months ago
That Dragon Queen shouldn't have brought the map with her when she fought Long Yan. Really. She gave him a reward instead when she was defeated. ?
SpinelesS5 months ago
She didn't bring it with her, she was attacked at home.
Winter3 weeks ago
Since she blew herself up, the map would've been blown up as well, if she had it on herself at the time. So it was most likely in her lair, which was of course seized by the enemy.
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