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Blanca21072 months ago
Fuck Kerh, aristocratic bitch.
LarkaFell3 months ago
And Shen Yanxiao strike again, he just sell himself out of the academy on a silverplater nonless. she can argue that it wasn't her idea in the first place LOL.
SoftFeather4 months ago
Those who bet with Shen Yanxiao like this are always the ones who pack their things and go home.
imma_unicorn4 months ago
Y’all always put yourselves in situations like this smh
Royalty6 months ago
??? I don't know why these stupid people get from opening their mouths
chillai7 months ago
Oh no, you didn't just-?! Gah, stupid Luoqiu
Crissy10 months ago
Hahaha.... Thank you! The one that gonna leave should be you!
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