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Momiji1 week ago
I dont want her to join SYX's team. She maybe a spy sent by Nocks because he said to her that this is a great opportunity when they talked. Unless she decides to be faithful and turn to SYX's side also not make trouble for them all, then it's fine. I dont think it's good to fully trust her at the moment.
Chocopink7113 weeks ago
Thank you for the chapter ☺️
Crissy5 months ago
Thank you! Maybe Fengling is a Princess.
Yue5 months ago
oh that who Fengling is... why u think Fengling is a girl?
Crissy5 months ago
Because during the competition, Zhanye hit the chest area. For a guy who suddenly touch cough cough.... You catch the drift....
spring_goddess!!!*_*1 month ago
crissy LOL
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