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Momiji1 week ago
But what if he is now satan? Would it be possible for him to occupy this body instead of that useless annoying one in Radiant Continent? I forgot his name.
Chocopink7113 weeks ago
Thank you for the chapter ☺️
SpinelesS4 months ago
Could Satan be possessing him?
Mara91 month ago
Yep, I've been wondering that.
NovelLover1 month ago
I was wondering the same thing
spring_goddess!!!*_*1 month ago
that's what i said before
Crissy5 months ago
Thank you!
Voidseeker5 months ago
We need an Endboss so most likely that get's a no -,-
Yue5 months ago
cursed satan why he there?!?!?!? most of her plans flew out...
Yemona6 months ago
Just what they need ???.... I really hope Satan to be exterminated soon
Taoist_of_Hades ♠️6 months ago
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