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YueXie7 months ago
Mingye has such good control over his body... Able to contract all his pores.
CristinaC11 months ago
I remember someone said in a previous chapter that it could be that the ancestor decided not to join the war this time around. I'm thinking they might be right. It could be that he definitely didn't want to join the devils and be spat on wherever they went for their association again. But he is aware of his strength and wants to have his son provided for and taken care of before he makes his point to Satan. Then he can just fight him if he flies into a rage. He is strong enough to battle him whilst the new guards take his son away. But he needs his son's team to be led by someone with specific traits - such as respecting their teammates, sacrificing themselves for the others, caring for them, training them properly and so on. And all these tests are to make sure he ends up with the right person. Imagine how strong the son's guard would be if they even won Bian over.
Chocopink7111 year ago
Thank you for the chapter ☺️, hope Yanxiao can tame Bian
Crissy1 year ago
Thank you!
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