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Elle6 days ago
I want Bian!
Momiji1 week ago
Bian is nice! 😍 Form a contract fassst! Xiu will help you!! 😁
Chocopink7113 weeks ago
Thank you for the chapter ☺️
SpinelesS4 months ago
Could he be like the MC's grandfather, just a little more brutal? Trying to protect his son from going to war...
Crissy5 months ago
Thank you!
Taoist_of_Hades ♠️6 months ago
What is that 'indescribable meaning'? He possibly haven't discovered anything right...?
Sherrynity6 months ago
Uuh, Mr. Shut-in? I mean, Undead Ancestor, you might not want to go too far against her. She might ask her scary husband to curbstomp you…
Yue5 months ago
wwwww shut-in san lol...
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