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CristinaC1 year ago
He should be aware that one must know of Bian's look and his character for them to be able to say the right thing. I'm sure this didn't escape the 10.000+ years old ancestor. I'm really curios what his plans are. I bet they'll be really cool.
Rin—1 year ago
Bian does remind me of Optimus Prime and of Parthurnaax (Skyrim) ?❤️❤️❤️
Gabi941 year ago
Thanks for the chapter <3
Elle1 year ago
I want Bian!
Momiji1 year ago
Bian is nice! ? Form a contract fassst! Xiu will help you!! ?
Chocopink7111 year ago
Thank you for the chapter ☺️
SpinelesS1 year ago
Could he be like the MC's grandfather, just a little more brutal? Trying to protect his son from going to war...
Blue_drop1 year ago
It would be very nice if it were like this
Crissy1 year ago
Thank you!
Taoist_of_Hades ♠️1 year ago
What is that 'indescribable meaning'? He possibly haven't discovered anything right...?
Sherrynity1 year ago
Uuh, Mr. Shut-in? I mean, Undead Ancestor, you might not want to go too far against her. She might ask her scary husband to curbstomp you…
YueXie1 year ago
wwwww shut-in san lol...
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