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Uphoria mee...2 months ago
Xiu always say that he loves her souls is that means he khew she was not the original SYZ?????
JazmineGwapa1 month ago
No I don't think he knew that because when he's still living inside syx he mentioned that he could only knew syx's emotions not what she is thinking so he couldn't possibly knew about it . Maybe he means that he loves the her, not superficial things syx has like beauty, talent etc
Beautiful_Nightmare6 months ago
Hmmmp! So Xiu is not the mixed race.. Make me think again why Ouyang is so bent out making a racial integration.. Is it for revenge? For the discrimination suffered by the mix race? Why is he doing all of this? Is like his mocking all races.. Is he a mixed race too?
CristinaC4 months ago
He should be mixed race. The dragons they found in the BSP after they took over said that it was that half blood who killed their dragon King and imprisoned them. And the humans said that ouyang was the one who gave them the dragons.
sassysosa4 months ago
Yea a lot of people glossed over that part. When I read that, my suspicion that Ouyang is the half god half devil became even stronger
Lagebolala6 months ago
I have a bad feeling about that last sentence ?
Feng Xue Yue6 months ago
.....I just learned of a head spoiler. A major one at that... it happens after YanXiao unlocks all her seals..I think. So can’t wait for next chapters. Read more
Isakki Kani6 months ago
What's going to happen??!!!!!!!!
bokuthoe6 months ago
Yo you can’t just leave us in the dust mY GUY
Foxyfet5 months ago
Huh!? I want to know :(
FoxReader21046 months ago
Maybe that child was Xiu? remember when he was still a soul he relied on devouring "devil energy" (can't remember exactly what that thing called) and also if i remember correctly during the battle between the devil and the God, it was mentioned that Xiu was able defeat satan and because he has the ability to devour him.
NovelLover6 months ago
Xiu has already told Shen Yanxiao in a previous chapter that he's not the child so I'm leaning more towards Ouyang Huanyu
Sayy36 months ago
He denied it a while back it's probably that Ouyang guy
MathiXD6 months ago
Anybody else here thinks that the god and devil child is Ouyang Huanyu ?
Jm216 months ago
I thinks soooo toooo ?
Noriko6 months ago
I think so to. Why would he want to kidnapped FL many times.
Feng Xue Yue6 months ago
I think the person might if died already....
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