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JazmineGwapa1 month ago
I still think it was Ouyang
Tazac1 month ago
YueXie3 weeks ago
Could he be doing the experiments to try and solve his body problems?
Nikita2 months ago
So OY is either father or the son of that couple. More than likely the father that was driven mad, he is now a demigod which is why he lived so long and he is trying to find a way to fix his wife. That's the reason for all the experiments
Beautiful_Nightmare6 months ago
Why do it feels like the fruit of the union of the previous war god and the devil is Xiu?
Blue_drop4 months ago
I don't think so... Xiu became the new War God immediatly after... If there was another War God between the two, maybe it would have been possible, but a child, that's at most one year, could never have such a position which is aquired with strenght. The time doesn't add. And the Gods, given the way one becomes a War God(by battling it out) , they wouldn't leave the spot vacant for more than ... two weeks at most? Also, I don't think the other Gods would accept a half-bred as the second- most powerful one among them...
CristinaC4 months ago
Xiu also said he's not the one when he said this to SYX previously. But now the author made it as if this is the first time she heard this story. So I wouldn't be surprised if he somehow becomes the half devil half God either.
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