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Pelgrace1 week ago
Thanks for the chapter
n8081 week ago
n8081 week ago
fishy comment
samael5211 week ago
affectionatly refered to as little xie in this book
samael5211 week ago
wait wasnt li ya the name of the protagonist from black bellied s original life ?
mechapanda1 week ago
Wu Xie. I'm pretty sure both lives they had the same name
bokuthoe1 week ago
Wait- I havenโ€™t gotten that far into the novel yet- so they were SIBLINGS AT ONE POINT
Pelgrace1 week ago
No it's not. Li Ya is the person that Ye Jue created to look like Wu Xie after her disappearance, but she wasn't the same so he could only take her as a sister
samael5211 week ago
ah ok yeah knew it likely had something to do with her just wasnt sure what lol
Lunarose1 week ago
Satan has a sister!? Damn! Thank you
Feng Xue Yue1 week ago
Thks trans-sama
Isakki Kani1 week ago
Thank you for the update ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘โœŒ
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