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keitsukki2 weeks ago
I already finished the second book. I'm happy that they got reunited with Wuxie.
Funmi2 weeks ago
What’s the second book called
NovelLover2 weeks ago
It’s called Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Funmi2 weeks ago
Thank you
YueXie3 weeks ago
Phoenix_Rein3 weeks ago
Thank you..
YuiTakarai3 weeks ago
So few chapters left, I hope to read them soon. It's a pity I've read first Jun Wu Xie novel first... but I'm still enjoying this one.
NovelLover3 weeks ago
I can’t wait for the next chapter!!☺️
Evangeline1 month ago
Well I was actually thinking as there is a novel on satan will there be on ouyang hanyu?? 🤔
keitsukki1 month ago
I was thinking that on black bellied miss which Satan's novel(JWY) ouyang is the villain. But that's just my theory.
keitsukki2 weeks ago
I came here to say that my theory is wrong.
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