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Abrar Reza5 months ago
NOW, the ending of GDBBM makes sense. I always thought the Lord God took the initiative to transport her to JWX. Turns out that SYX became Lord God and also went on a trip.
Son of Bast10 months ago
I have to wonder what idiotic translators decided to do Genius Doctor before this book. I mean who translates a sequel first!? So many spoilers have appeared about the sequel in the comments...
DeviSF6 months ago
An "idiot" who knows GDBBM was more well-written than this book? It's not like the readers should read this book first before they read GDBBM. It can be read as stand-alone books. I've read only more that half of GDBBM. But, if its storytelling quality was consistent or even grew better as the story progressed till the end, this book should be more interesting when the readers read it after GDBBM (just don't read another books from another authors in between. Especially if those books are more well-written in their world-building and comprehensive narrative compared to this two). Also, can't you see how much hate the readers have for Satan (the ML of GDBBM) for what he's done in this book? Some of them can't hate him only because they read GDBBM first. 😅
Meimeiah20211 months ago
Her bestie her bestie!!!!!
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