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Yoongis_wife.4 months ago
I think black lion's fur would make a wonder coat...or a universal blanket, I like the latter better! And his red eyes could be used as jewels or stepping stones but since this is sky city ITS BOTH!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
DeviSF4 months ago
Phew. I'm so glad and relieved for Mengmeng and Xi Yan (Well, I know Yun Qi and Ye Qing would be amongst the first to be revived as new gods after Lord God enticed her with that perks. Lol).
Son of Bast8 months ago
LoL poor night overlord
Bluekite10 months ago
Where is Lord Yaksha
sassysosa11 months ago
Lmfao she's making her own city
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