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DeviSF6 months ago
The way Du Lang answered the young mercenary's question and how that young man took the answer had made me worried. The mentioned reasons he stopped asking didn't include "because they (somehow) always believe him (DL" and/or "he (the ym) was accepting DL's answer as advice to be more patient and to not hastily judge people without enough observation." I've read several books in which a side character (mercenary) such as DL was betrayed and abandoned by his team/group--no matter how much "respect" or "close" his teammates were with him before--when he's dying on mission and the mission was failed (almost failed).
Chicken2 years ago
She knows restraint!?
Another reader1 year ago
Impossible when did she learn this legendary skill?
R3ader5 months ago
Do yoi think... it's because the loot doesn't sparkle?! She was ruthless with the gold and gems after all. XD She even dug jewels out of her friend's swords remember? XD
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