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DeviSF6 months ago
😑😑😑 That's why I said no matter how strong SYX was, they're not SYX. Her strength and skills aren't theirs. So, why does they hang their pride and confidence on her, not themselves? If they can't improve themselves to--at least--just a few levels lower than SYX, or SYX gives them some benefits to improve their skills... Then, they can fight for themselves and preserve their dignity.
R3ader5 months ago
Or, you know, switch schools since if their whole school is repeatedly being beaten that's most likely not the students' learning problem, but the teachers' ciriculum problem. But remember when the author said that this school had the most selected phara acceptance test? Are we just ignoring the fact that the author told us this was the best phara school but has since decided that other schools are magically better? Author, are you okay?
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