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R3ader5 months ago
Wouldn't her best method have been to just have one of the master pharamas prepare a new potion once in front of all 3 of them then have the challenge be to make their own? Since that was the BS they made her roommate do?
DeviSF6 months ago
There's this one nagging question about SYX and PSL' s animosity towards each other. It all started because PSL rudely chased LD and her away from his room. But, he also did it because they annoyed him WHEN he WAS MAKING A POTION. Everyone, including SYX know that disturbing a pharmacist when s/he was making potion was a big NO NO. So, while SYX can compromise (be forgiving) as compensation for her (or her people's) mistake in several other occasions, why could she not be magnanimous at that day (why should she provoke PSL by pointing some advice at the wrong time, wrong place, and among wrong people) and insist on antagonize him? And I don't have to point out just how illogical/insensible Shangguan Xiao, PSL, and LF's reasoning for snuffing SYX. For pride? For a high/respected/beneficial position? 🙄
DeviSF6 months ago
Even if they successfully defeated SYX, do they think people will genuinely respect and accept them while the people know their methods? 🙄😑
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