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DeviSF6 months ago
Hmmm 🤔 So, those people set out Little Feng to distract VB as they're escaping and let him destroy the evidence of their experiment a.k.a the villagers (?) Now, what is the odds that the death of SYX's parents has something to do with those black-cloaked people?
R3ader5 months ago
About 100% since the author has no interest in storytelling for the sake of world building but only writes for the purpose of telling the MC's journey.
Facee3125N11 months ago
I really do not like soft hearted mc. I mean she is like a mc that will kill herself for a person she doesn't even know. *Kind of exaggerated
DeviSF6 months ago
When she first joined Cave Wolves Mercenary, she practically thought to let them went straight into their death just so that she could tag along to the phoenix' nest and get her Inflammation Grass. Du Lang was obviously a heroic and chivalrous person. But, she thought that way. Is that what you called as "soft-hearted"?
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