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ShinnAkira1 year ago
So........which face did this mc chose to represent the warlock? Is it her original pretty face, or this huo xiao facade?
Evee_the_reader3 months ago
original i think
Another reader1 month ago
Her original
Abrar Reza1 week ago
She can't use her facades, since even Yun Qi doesn't know that she has double cultivation.
Chicken1 year ago
Not really sure how she was planning to be 3 people in a tournament to begin with
kdown19731 year ago
What makes you think she was actually planning? Seems to be just going with the flow all this time. Girl is like me gone shopping, always bringing back something extra
Fleetingbooks1 year ago
Aint she a warlock can't she just make some hand signs and pop a clone
Winter1 year ago
I think you're mistaking Warlocks with a certain anime ninja xD
Velora1 year ago
Kage Bunshin no jutsu!
Abrar Reza1 year ago
She won't, cause she can't. The Pharmacist Shen Jue and Archer XiaoYan have both missed the respective tryouts, and thus cannot participate. Thus, she'll appear on stage as the Warlock Shen Yanxiao.
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