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R3ader1 year ago
So the author that hasn't properly written scenes for any of the existing side-characters other than briefly discussing their characteristics with some short interactions every now and again has decided to add another side-character? Typical trash decision of naive writers. Well, I've hit my threshold for BS. Hopefully the next story I find is better.
Another reader2 years ago
I’m about 70 percent sure that kid is faking amnesia
Another reader2 years ago
But I’m probably wrong so idk
ShinnAkira3 years ago
Better if she prepare a cloak or hoodies for this two adorable kiddo..or they will be provoke again by bystander and will be the cause for another massacre....
Winter3 years ago
I wonder, if she will actually make any female friends or companions in this world at one point :P
Mabwii_3 years ago
Same thought
Abrar Reza2 years ago
She had one in her old world, but knowing this author, I doubt it.
LittleReader1 year ago
Jun Wuxie
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