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Facee3125N1 year ago
Now is the start of an Isekai mom slappin cheeks and saving people.
DeviSF10 months ago
Is she giving them shelter purely because of feeling guilty conscience (or what you called as "soft-hearted"/"naivety"), tho? Remember, she once lived in criminal organization and since she's aware of her need of manpower (guards, soldier), she move some plan on Cave Wolves Mercenary. Ofc, she also saw their integrity and chivalry and how good they were toward her. How are you sure that she never think that letting go of these villagers to outside world and to not accept them as her own (spare-)soldiers was wasting resource? Read more
ShinnAkira2 years ago
When she treated that little birdie, I'm dying of laughing 🙈🙈🙈
Winter2 years ago
Why is this troupe of terrifying "children", so adorable.
Oash192 years ago
"Or I'll kiss ya" Hell there are people dying for the MC kiss.. This lil boi Read more ??? Show less
Abrar Reza1 year ago
People are literally dying, cause there's a God in her body 😂
Ri//2 years ago
Humph let go of my bully??
Rinneshi2 years ago
Omg this is sooooo cuteee
Rinneshi2 years ago
Omg this is sooooo cuteee
Blu32 years ago
Great chapter thanks!
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