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Facee3125N11 months ago
🐸🐸 what a stupid/naive/soft hearted mc. Maybe cut the stupid part.
Chocolat_Lyn6 months ago
if you don't like it don't read :/
CarlosX5 months ago
I guess having a conscience and being nice, is now soft-hearted. Not every MC has to be a block of Ice that never helps or is nice to a single person and just kills everyone and anything in their path for even the slightest reason.
R3ader5 months ago
I agree. The more reserved and aloof MC was more intdresting to see. Now it's like we're reading after suffering from false advertisement. Did we sign up to read about a generic goody-two-shoes? Not at all.
Minichan1 year ago
Welcome to Vermillion Bird Airlines...
Winter2 years ago
Time for Vermillion Bird Airlines :P
Fantom2 years ago
So I am guessing the carriage guy is gone hehehe because Yanxiao was away for more than 10 days, make it approximately 50 days instead.
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