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DeviSF6 months ago
Having no merchant willing to trade with them is just a small matter compared to the other possibility. Being a warlock and harboring tens thousand of demon in her city, the empires can easily accuse her as a traitor of mankind and attack her city as the common enemy of mankind. 😑
Phantom39461 year ago
How mad “Some” people will be if they find out the there’s ghost capitalism
Foxyfet2 years ago
No! Let the demons stay there.
ItsMari_5 months ago
There’s no way she would ever get rid of them, Xiu needs his ‘food!’ 😂
Winter2 years ago
There will always be merchants willing to take big risks in the prospect of even bigger profits. So I don't think the demons should be enough to scare all merchants off.
FoxReader51662 years ago
Ghost doing business is also the norm
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