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Minichan7 months ago
Her parents' corpse were not recovered... hmmmm...
Pixy3 months ago
I noticed also that a few chapters back, Shen Feng had a bit of a slip when telling Shen Yanxiao about her parents. Specifically, he said they ARE instead of they WERE. I thought this was just a translation or editing error but now I’m not so sure. Maybe it was a Freudian slip.
anighezekiah@gmail.com7 months ago
Shen shiyo from god race also???
ShinnAkira10 months ago
Even though as is trying to get all mysterious.. when he got a curious guy that will pursue until they satisfied like syx...he just needs to hide and don't show up heh
Hope58361 year ago
So maybe BSP people took her away, and SS saved her and sealed her powers with the Elves help to hide her from BSP people then brought her back? Hmph..Cant wait to know.
FallenEmperor1 year ago
what about her mother family? we know nothing about them
kyaa_muffin1 year ago
If whomever saved her was a bad person, he would have let Shen Duan kill her instead of save her...unless they wanted to use her. And if they wanted to use her then they wouldn't have sealed her ? So, I'm guessing Shen Siyu sealed her so she couldn't be used & the reason why he was so nice is cause he felt guilty for doing it. Arg idkkkk
MoniqGin1 year ago
I think SS was the one who sealed X in her body....he turned little because he lost some of his powers and needed to replenish it like the VB...
Samnayel1 year ago
Makes sense also he's always around her to protect the seal and her fevers as a child were probably caused by him too
Rinneshi1 year ago
Lol its so weird when the novel trying to make us look on SS on positive way but here we the reader didn’t trust him lol
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